Bat-Hamlet by Jordan Pullam Returns

  • Jun 14 - Jul 7, 2019

  • The Slate Theater
    815 Seattle Boulevard South, Seattle, Washington 98134, United States


What if Shakespeare had conceived the melancholy Dane as a costumed crime fighter? Bat-Hamlet tells the tale of a Dark Knight that emerges from betwixt the pages of Shakespeare to exact revenge on his murderous uncle, King Jester.

Once resolved to avenge beloved King Police Commissioner Gordrick's death, Hamlet dons the persona of Bat-Hamlet, a flashier and much cooler version of his brooding youth. 

The world of comic books and the Bard of Avon come together in this hilarious mash-up. It’s a tale of murder, revenge, poetry and BAM! SOCK! POW!  Fans of Shakespeare and Batman, alike, will love being immersed in the maddening spiral of these iconic characters. After all, madness in great ones must not unwatched go.

Bat Hamlet by Jordan Pulliam runs June 14th - July 7th at The Slate Theater.

Hamlet/Bat-Hamlet: Doug Graham

Ophelia/O-Feline: Simone Alene

The Puffin: Jalyn Green

The Jester: Jessica Fern Hunt

Laertes: Dominic Wolfgang Wallace

Horatio/Songbird-Boy (Girl): Helen Roundhill

Lord Riddles: Russell Matthews

Barbara/Bat-Hamlet Girl: Deena Ingley

Bat-Hamlet is stage managed by Kait Mahoney, Costume Design by Isaiah Crowson & Jessica Fern Hunt, and fight choreography by Sarah Beeson & Doug Graham.

Venue Details
The Slate Theater
815 Seattle Boulevard South, Seattle, Washington 98134, United States
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